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Abu Dhabi 24° 27′ N , 54° 23′ O

Our stay in Abu Dhabi was too short to allow us to form an educated opinion about this city. However, the hours we spent there to a large extent in a very modern mall were very pleasant. 

Overall, very modern, rich and warm. At least the area we were in. A highlight for us was being able to see the Formula 1 track in the short time we were there. And again made possible by a very nice person!

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We did not see much of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, but in the hours we spent there we were able to get a small impression of the accessibility on site. How inclusion is shaped there, about the conditions for people with disabilities on site and about the general development status of inclusion, we could not get an overview in the short time and will therefore only evaluate the accessibility. 

The airport and the mall we visited, as well as the general feeling in Abu Dhabi, were very modern and accessible. Wheelchairs, escalators and ramps were available where they should be found. Overall, there were few to no situations that presented us with major problems, but this was also due to the short length of stay of only 8 hours.

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Here we have created a small gallery for you,

with pictures from our stay in Abu Dhabi. 

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