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Ecuador - Amazon

We ventured into the Amazon for 4 days and settled in a typical lodge there. We were able to observe a huge abundance of animals, visit an indigenous village, cook and taste typical food there and learn a lot about people and nature. Completely without internet, this was something completely different on our journey, which so far was mainly characterised by cities. Definitely one of the most impressive experiences of our trip so far. 

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When we decided to go for a few nights to the Cuyabeno Nature Reserve, which is located in the Amazon rainforest, we knew pretty much beforehand what was in store for us: namely, a time in which we should not expect any accessibility at all. First we drove with a bus, which would not be street legal in Germany in such a way, for 2 hours into the Amazon area, in order to drive then again with a long boat for 2 hours, to our accommodation in the middle of the rain forest. The only transport way back to civilization was over water and on site there were no roads, any locomotion had to be done on foot or by boat. So we do not want to and can not evaluate the accessibility in the Amazon rainforest of course and would only like to note that we could make this mad experience despite the increased difficulties. At this point we would also like to thank the many kind and helpful people who made this experience possible for us. We were welcomed with open arms, which were there for us around the clock, whether it was the guides or the indigenous people. The latter were also very open to us when we wanted to talk to them for an interview about inclusion and disability in their villages. 

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with pictures from our trip to the amazon rainforest. 

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