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Hurdle The World vor der Abreise in Deutschland

Our story

Hurdle The World, that's us: Alex and Lovis.

We have just finished our studies and have been on our biggest adventure yet since October 2022. For one year, we will travel through six continents with different kinds of transportation for a more inclusive world.

Why? Because we want to combine our passion for travel with working for an inclusive world and raising awareness of the issue of disability.

I had contact with the subject of inclusion early on through relatives and experience it myself through my ADHD diagnosis
in a variety of hurdles in everyday life.


Inclusion is very important to me! Due to my severe physical disability called AMC, I depend on an inclusive world and the daily support of others.


We met in 2015 in high school and have been living inclusion in a close friendship for years.

Especially when traveling, Lovis is able to support Alex in overcoming physical hurdles, such as stairs, hygiene or eating, while Alex primarily takes on the tasks that revolve around the organization of the trip.


On our trip, we want to report on as many facets of inclusion around the world as possible and show what is possible with a disability.


We will achieve this by documenting our journey on a blog and various social media channels (including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and our own Blog). We are mainly driven by questions like these:


How do different cultures and countries approach inclusion?

How do people with disabilities feel around the globe?

And most importantly, what stories do these many special people have to tell?

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