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Schwarz-weiß Foto gen Himmel mit Bäumen und Hochhäusern. Foto von Hurdle The World

One of the most modern cities in the world and probably one of the most accessible cities we will experience on our trip. The difference to other cities is that Singapore is quite young and accessibility was considered in the design of the city. We will miss the elevators that always work.

Hurdle The World
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Singapore is a highly modern city-state in the heart of Southeast Asia. Because the city is so young and modern, much consideration could be given to accessibility in the construction of the infrastructure, which we also noticed. At all train stations without exception there is an elevator, which also (in our experience) always works! The trains leave almost no gap to the platform, which makes it easy to board a train alone. The sidewalks along the streets are very level and all have easily accessible ramps. So Lovis Alex did not have to help up a single flight of stairs in the public area, only the hostel did not have an elevator because it was in an old building. In the vast majority of cases, however, an innovative approach is also found for buildings in order to be able to guarantee accessibility. During our stay, we also noticed how diverse and with what great focus the topic of inclusion is perceived there. One example of this is the designated seats on the train, which are reserved for people with mental or invisible disabilities. In order to be allowed to sit there, the state gives you a badge that you can tie around your neck so that everyone knows that this person is also entitled to sit in this seat. Even regardless of this example, the population treats people with disabilities very politely and respectfully, without offering assistance too aggressively. Thus, the country is a very good option for people with disabilities to live there, also precisely because the health care system has a very good reputation. In our opinion, this city is also very interesting for travelers, although there are not so many sights due to its size and young history. On our trip, Singapore is the most accessible country, although there is of course still room for improvement, which we could not fully explore due to the short duration of our stay there.

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