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Bangkok - Thailand

We only made a small logistical detour to Thailand and spent "one night in Bangkok", which was actually two nights long. We were able to admire one of the most famous party miles in the world and enjoy an extensive tour on the Chao Phraya River. Overall, in our short time there, we remember Bangkok mainly as a huge, crazy Asian city.

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Thailand was only a short stopover for us, with two nights in Bangkok. Therefore, we did not learn much about the topic of inclusion. At first impression, Bangkok seemed quite modern, no comparison with the infrastructure in Vietnam or Cambodia. However, we would not go so far as to call the infrastructure barrier-free. Now and then there are ramps that lead to sidewalks, which are also quite flat. There are also elevators in public buildings, only the ferry traffic on the river is definitely not barrier-free. It feels like every boat sets down again after 10 seconds at the dock, when one leg is still floating in the air. We are not sure how that would work, would someone want to go there with a wheelchair.   
Bangkok, being an international city, is very multicultural, tolerant of all kinds of minorities and also very diverse. It is a very touristy city where the issue of disability is definitely noticed in everyday life. We often felt very anonymous due to the size of the city, but help was always offered in between. Bangkok is definitely worth a visit as a vibrant city, you should just be aware of the hurdles in everyday life.

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