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Hurdle The World mit Freundin von Lovis auf Langkawi

Langkawi - Malaysia

On this paradisiacal island off the Malaysian east coast, we had a great time for a couple of weeks together with Lovis' girlfriend, Giulia.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand is actually known for its beautiful islands and beaches, but Malaysia certainly has them too!


Lovis and Giulia's reunion was very emotional, after all they hadn't seen each other for a good 3 months. Unfortunately, Alex fell on a gravel road on the second day on the island, so he couldn't walk properly for the next 2 weeks because he sprained his foot. Nevertheless, the three of us had a very nice time and enjoyed the very beautiful nature, which we don't often get to do on our trip as we spend more time in urban environments.

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Hurdle The World
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Unfortunately, Alex could not explore the island as well as we had intended, because he fell on the first day and sprained his foot. This has affected his mobility yet again more. 
In general, however, we can state that the Malaysian island is quite natural and has a low focus on pedestrian locomotion. We saw many scooters that Alex could not use. This most used mode of transportation on the island is (mostly) not accessible, but it is the cheapest. This example shows again that accessibility has its price and it is often simply more expensive for people with a disability to travel. So we have even seen scooters that has a passenger option for wheelchair users, but for a higher price. The cabs we always had to use to get around the island were always willing to drive us right to the door. The beach was not really accessible at any location and was always difficult to get to. Also, most buildings were accessible with one or more stairs and no ramps. After the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, a completely different life awaited us on the island on the border with Thailand. Much quieter and more rural, but also not as modern, which Here, too, a large part of the accessibility was only established through helpfulness and support. 


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