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Istanbul 41° 1′ N , 28° 58′ O

A city that we will both remember for many years to come. The start of our great journey, a metropolis unlike any other, with a unique culture, fascinating architecture and very nice and open people. We will miss Istanbul.

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The first impression in Istanbul was surprisingly disabled-friendly. Alex describes the airport in Istanbul as the most disabled-friendly airport he knows. Already on the plane, a stewardess offered to help him eat, which he had never experienced before. And once we arrived at the airport, we were helped from the first second to the last. So we got through everywhere faster, Alex was offered a wheelchair and for the long ways a car took us. All without having asked for it beforehand.


Istanbul itself is a very old and naturally grown city. This results in countless places where it can be difficult for wheelchair users and people with physical limitations in terms of getting around. The city is trying to make the public places, such as metro or sights with ramps and or elevators more accessible for people with disabilities. Nevertheless, we were often faced with broken elevators or even non-existent ramps. In addition, Istanbul is a very lively and sometimes bustling city. Thus, even barrier-free places are sometimes difficult to visit. However, we were struck by the very friendly people who offered us help at all times. It even went so far that some people insisted that Alex sit on their seat in the streetcar, although he actually preferred to stand.

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