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#2 - What Lovis thinks about the idea of making a trip around the world.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

February, 2022.

I'm sitting in my apartment in Oldenburg and trying to do something for my studies. Suddenly my phone rings. Alex is calling. Nothing unusual. Since we started the podcast in May 2021, we've been talking on the phone several times a week and exchanging ideas about all sorts of things.

Alex doesn't beat around the bush and says something like this: "I have an attack on you. You'll soon be through with your bachelor's degree, won't you? Do we want to take a trip around the world afterwards?"

I am somewhat perplexed and overwhelmed by such a far-reaching question. "Yes, so I'm up for it, sure" I stammer. But immediately a thousand things come into my head. What about luggage, what about my desire to actually move back to my home - Hamburg - and can I do that at all?

"I need time to think about it"

I hang up and I am a bit flattened for the time being.

When I was 16, I almost went to America for a few weeks for a student exchange. Almost. Somehow it was never a real option for me to be long and far away from Germany. And then Alex just comes up with such an idea. But the idea doesn't sound so bad and the timing couldn't really be better. As long as I can actually finish my bachelor thesis in September. (Update: I did! :) )

I talk on the phone with many different people close to me. And all of them, really all of them say:

"Yes, you have to take this unique opportunity. You'll never get a chance like this again!"

So off I go. Off to consider where I want to go, off to consider what I want. A big part of my head is busy thinking if and how I can do this with Alex. A big task. A year of 24/7 care. A big task, but one that I want to tackle just as big as it is. And I am convinced that I can do it. Together with Alex I can do it.

I want to take photos, I want to make videos, I want to report. I want to report about the story of two friends, about a unique project concerning inclusion, friendship and the will to create something that only a few have managed before.

So I take my cell phone in my hand and call Alex.

"Yes...I do. I'm up for it, but only if we report and show the world that we can do it! I'll start designing a logo!"


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