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# 3 - Why?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

In previous blog posts, we described how the idea of traveling the world came about in the first place. There we also described what personal motives drive us to embark on this adventure: On the one hand, we want to pursue our passion of traveling, and on the other hand, we want to test both of our personal limits, reach them and sometimes even exceed them at one point or another. Now we want to shed some light on the second side of the "why".

Picture: Pohlig

It has been 1 1/2 years since we started our podcast "Hürdenläufer" (Hurdler). That's when we started our podcast "Hürdenläufer", in which the two of us talk and discuss these very topics. So it's not completely out of the blue that we also relate our world tour to these two topics in a publicity-effective way, respectively that we dedicate the world tour to inclusion. It also didn't take us long to figure out why we wanted to do a world tour in the first place. Obviously because we love traveling, but also because we want to work for an inclusive world. After all, we have the dream that one day inclusion will be the standard and not the exception within any society. To achieve this, we need projects like ours to give the topics of disability and inclusion the attention they deserve. We are firmly convinced of this!

We want to show mankind what is possible with a disability and that you can travel as an "Interabled Duo". There are simply still too many people out there who have no idea what to do with the topic of disability or even have fear of contact with disabled people. In our opinion, this will only change if these topics are addressed in public. And the more unusual the topics are addressed in public, the more attention they receive. That's logical, isn't it? With a world trip over 6 continents in one year, we are at least not ordinary. But somehow we are, or at least we want to be somewhat normal. Because our goal is that in the future it will be the normality that disabled people make a world trip. Alone or like us, as an "Interabled Duo" or "Interabled Group". At least as normal as it is for healthy people.

Because for healthy people, a trip around the world is not the norm either. We know very well that we are in a privileged situation. Many people simply do not have the means or even the time to make such a trip. We are very grateful that we have this opportunity. And we also want to use our trip to draw attention to the non-privileged people of this world. Together with "Handicap International" we are therefore starting a fundraising campaign to support disabled people in need. For us, this is a duty and a matter of course!


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