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Prefix - Where we were and where we still want to go!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We have both traveled a lot. Where we have already been together and where we still want to go. We will share it with you in forms of anecdotes.

Alex, a typical airplane traveler: America, Africa, Asia, there are hardly any continents that are still missing from his list.

Lovis the opposite. He has never been out of Europe, but has already traveled across Europe in 3 weeks. (Almost) always with tent in the luggage it went for Lovis already to Hungary, Poland, (South) France and many other European countries.

what's on our list

It has always been a dream of mine to be able to see a sunrise in Canada one day. - Lovis
South Africa is a very big dream. - Alex

Together we were already for 3 weeks in Portugal, two weeks in winter in Poland and together on the Elbe :)

And this year? In the middle of 2022 we were together in Norway for a week of fishing, enjoying nature. Boating and let the wind blow around the ears.

In preparation for the world trip we were in Traunstein. At Pohlig. There we had new Orthopaedics made for Alex. Important, because on the trip is not even a special orthopedic practice in the area. So we had to get new ones.

All these were and are steps to prepare us both for this one big adventure.

We are ready to go!

In the following Blogs we will tell our story of travelling together. One year six continents.


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